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Sale/trade offers welcome!

I prefer unpainted/seconds/bodies or otherwise cheaper prices. I am looking Breyers & Stones only for CM purposes unles otherwise noted.

Artist resin want list (want to by or trade):
- Many artist resins, especially drafters/friesians/arabians & wild horses (all sizes, prefer unpainted/unprepped).

Here is a list of few my favourite resins I am looking:

- Corlett clydesdale foal (OF/custom)

Traditional & classic scale resins:
- Fala & Falda (Candace Liddy 2006)
- HA Brenin (Linda York)
- Boise Bound (Michelle Platt)
- Akhal teke Ekemen (L. Mampell)
- Mephisto (Sarah Rose)
- Aashiq (Edwin Bogucki 1998)
- Kara-Kush (Andrea Kessler)
- Akhal-Teke Tuvaksholeh (S. Thompson)
- Arabian WBP Rahan Onm'i (Chris Jolly)
- HA Asad (Ed Gonzales)

Littlebit scale resins:
- HA trotting Pony Stallion (David Mayer)
- HA shetland pony stallion (David Mayer)

Stablemate scale resins:
- ASB mare By Committee (Linda York)
- mini Nahar (Sarah Rose)
- Oberon (Sarah Rose)
- HA Hadrian (Sarah Rose)
- mini Indy (Sarah Rose)

Animal Artistry, SM sized resins:
- AA boxing shire
- AA morgan
- AA Welsh Sec A Stallion (standing)
- AA Welsh Sec C Trotting Stallion
- AA Welsh Sec A Stallion/Rearing Mountain Pony
- AA Flying Friesian Stallion
- AA friesian mare
- AA Walking Friesian Stallion

Just contact to:
mtwildfire (at) suomi24.fi

Sales: I will ship to worldwide. Buyer pays actual shipping costs. I live in Finland (Europe). I can send more pictures etc. All questions welcome.

  These models are currently available only for trade.

Vaihtomalli nr.1. Breyer Stablemate Ronin. New in original package. Never removed from the package. Alkuperäispakkauksessa, josta hepoa ei ole koskaan poistettu. => See picture of him (Ponylagoon)

Model for trade nr. 2
thoroughbred stallion

Malli/model: Breyer #89 Black Beauty OF, trad
Color: black

Model for trade nr. 3
Andalusian stallion
Brave Guy

Malli/model: Breyer #2065 Justin Morgan OF, trad.

Model for trade nr. 4
Halfblood stallion

Malli/model: Breyer #3040 Black Beauty Family, Duchess OF, classic

Model for trade nr. 5
shetland pony stallion

=> More info & pictures
Malli/model: Breyer #5904 SM Collection OF

Model for trade nr. 6
Half-arabian horse mare
SunDance G

Malli/model: Breyer #5 Family arabian mare Hope OF, trad.
Color: palomino

Model for trade nr. 7
appaloosa mare
Lill Mary Jane

Malli/model: Breyer SM #59975 OF
Color: Chestnut leopard appaloosa

Model for trade nr. 8
arabian horse

Malli/model: Schleich arabian foal OF (2003), littlebit
Color: bay

Model for trade nr. 9
Black Heart B

Malli/model: Breyer SM #59978 Saddlebred Mare and Foal OF
Color: black, star

Model for trade nr. 10


Malli/model: Schleich shetland foal OF

Model for trade nr. 11
Chincoteague pony mare

Malli/model: Breyer Misty chincoteague pony OF, trad.
Color: Pinto

Model for trade nr. 12
Paint horse gelding
Unnamed Cutting Horse

=> More info & pictures
Malli/model: Breyer #3355 Cutting Horse, OF. Condition: PSQ/body (some not deep scratches), classic.
See image of similar kind model here
Color: Grulla overo pinto